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Why InsightOut Chicago

We recognize that there are numerous ways for you to gather information about your business, without our help. Where we believe we can add tremendous value is in helping you turn that information into action.

We are senior-level Insights professionals with 20+ years each in client-side Insights. We work with everyone from large CPGs to small non-profits.

Every day we encounter new business situations, strategic challenges, and research needs on brands and businesses large and small. We bring all that experience to you to help you meet your Insights challenges.

For Organizations with Internal Market Research/Insights

InsightOut Chicago can provide your organization with much needed flexibility to help manage temporarily out-of- balance workloads or open positions.

We design our services to fit your needs – so we can handle anything from a single project to filling a whole position; become a fully-integrated member of the brand and/or project team, or work completely through the internal Market Researcher.

We have been in your chairs, so we know that the last thing you need is a clingy consultant. We get up to speed fast and get the job done, checking in as much or as little as you prefer. We are there whenever you need us, and gone when you don’t.

For Organizations without Internal Market Research/Insights

InsightOut Chicago can be your as-needed Market Research Department.

We immerse ourselves in your brands and become a fully-integrated member of your team. We get as involved as you would like us to – from offering advice, to managing one or more discrete projects, to providing full strategic and executional research services.

We come in and out as you need us, so you get full-service, integrated research support without having to maintain a full-time staff.

For Agencies – Advertising, Promotional, Public Relations

InsightOut Chicago can help you offer market research as an added benefit to any of your current or potential clients.

We can develop research plans designed to help shape strategic initiatives, add tracking mechanisms to help your clients assess current plans, or help you analyze and derive insights from current data sets, primary or secondary.

We are available as little or as much as you need us – from a quick 10 minute question, to an hour-long review of your pitch presentation, to developing, executing, and analyzing research and tracking studies.

We’ve been “clients” for many years and can help you understand the hot spots that you may encounter in a pitch, or even translate requests from current clients.

Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies Worldwide

The People behind the Magic

The two of us manage all projects and assignments directly, either individually or as a team, depending on the nature and timing of the work.

Julie Zimring Principal

Julie has been working in the Consumer Insights/ Market Research field for nearly twenty years, with experience from The Quaker Oats Company and the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company.

In addition to her general experience across a broad range of targets, categories, and brands, Julie has specific expertise working with Kids and Latino targets.

Julie has a BA in English from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

In addition to furthering her experience in CPG consumer insights, since co-founding InsightOut Chicago, Julie has worked with several technology-based companies, developed extensive experience in the art and framing industries, and has helped several organizations re-structure their web presence to better deliver on their consumer goals.


Amy Williamson Principal

Amy has been working in Consumer Packaged Goods companies for nearly 25 years in various roles, including New Product Development and Consumer Insights (for the past 10+ years). She has worked across a scope of categories and targets through her experience at Nestle Foods, Kraft Foods, The Quaker Oats Company, and as Director of Consumer Insights at Equal Sweetener (Merisant).

Amy has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing and Strategy from Northwestern University (Kellogg).

Since co-founding InsightOut Chicago, Amy has not only furthered her experience in CPG consumer insights, but has also had the opportunity to work across a number of industries outside of consumer packaged goods and has expanded her market research expertise to include international studies in China, Russia and Europe.


Want to Work with Us?

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